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[Enquiry, ANSWERED] What's the date?

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On 3/18/2019 at 5:23 AM, SilverStormm said:

I can see both the start date and the most recent reply information. Can you provide a screenshot or a link to where you're only seeing the start date please.

Sure thing. 


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You're right. I use my iPad exclusively for the social/fun stuff online. The laptop is for business. In the former version, the date of the most recent post was visible in the topic listings. I can live without it. File it under First World Problems.

Thanks for checking into it.


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Roger that.

As this only seems to be an issue using a mobile device, this happens because responsive design adjusts according to screenwidth and as a result some features aren't viewable if the available screenwidth is too narrow. You may find that turning your device to a horizontal position makes a difference with that.

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