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S01.E02: Whoever He Is

Bill C.
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A little late, but:


Ghost and Tommy take action against those responsible for the attack on their drug organization, while Ghost's wife deals with her new career and Ghost rekindles a former relationship with an attorney who's been after one of his people.


Oh, how tempted I am to sum this entire episode up with the single borderline-immortal bon mot "There is always another ass."  (Seriously, Debbi Morgan's Estelle and Kathrine Narducci's Frankie are almost visibly wasted on the folks around them.)  If anything, this was a quieter episode than the first in some ways--apart from when it went full-on softcore with Ghost and Tasha and Angela and her FBI agent boyfriend.  (Points to Naturi Naughton for putting it all out there, though.  Ahem.)  And while it continued to illustrate the differences in policy-making between velvet-glove Ghost and mailed-fist Tommy, and that it does well--if not subtly--with this ep it got even less subtle about the whole James/Angela lost-love thing, and that was a little offputting.


OTOH, Tasha's still a puzzle: she's the one who puts the idea in Ghost's head about how to defuse the issue with his couriers being hit, and she's actively worried about his ignoring her in favor of both his "jobs"...so she's still flirting behind his back with Shawn the Driver/Henchman-In-Training.  She's starting to remind me of a rather mercurial character (read "vampy all-about-me superbitch") from Telemundo's El Señor de los Cielos, and...no.

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with this ep it got even less subtle about the whole James/Angela lost-love thing, and that was a little offputting.



Yeah, I have a headache from being beaten over the head with anvils - especially during the dueling love scenes.


Shawn is incredibly stupid. I kept yelling "50 Cent, come get your kid" at the TV during his scenes with Tasha.


I continue to hate Tommy.

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