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Fred: the Texas Tornado or the Mary Sue?

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How do I feel about Fred?

The Good;

1. Love Pylea Fred, this fragile little thing demonstrated such strength as a runaway slave

2. Love her relationship with Gunn, still quite rare to see such an interracial romance on screen 

3. Love her parents, nice to see a character in the Buffyverse with such a good and realistic relationship with her parents

4. She could be genuinely funny at times, telling the homeless guy at the bus station she's not crazy or squealing at Lorne's performance in Vegas. 

The Bad;

5. She is so blatantly the Mary Sue, CC had grown so strong they felt the series needed that but it didn't. 

6. It may be heresy but I felt they eaked out the Wes/Fred storyline too long 

7.  They tried to set her up as the glamourpuss of the series but that never really worked, hence Harmony. Eve and Nina. 

8. The Fred alone storyline in season 4 was one of the weakest points of the series and her falling into the demon pit was just godawful 

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