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S02.E17: Disharmony

Joe Hellandback

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The Good; Wes and co take delight in humiliating Angel and it is funny as hell. All the Harmony stuff is excellent.

The Bad; Understandably a lightweight ep, Cordy pretty much in denial throughout, she needs a friend and wants to believe she can trust Harmony. Harmony says that there are over 100 vamps in the theatre but they seem to almost all flee at the sight of the 5 strong AI team?

Best line: Gunn "I say nuh and uh"

Jeez, how did they get away with that? The all you can eat vamp buffet

Apocalypses: 5

Angel Clichés Damsel in distress; 18

In disguise; 8

DB get's his shirt off; 12

Cordy's tattoo; yep, definitely as CC stands up. 5

Cheap Angel; 6

Fang Gang in bondage: Cordy: 5 Angel: 9 Wes: 4 Gunn; 1

Fang gang knocked out: Cordy: 10 Angel: 12 Wes: 5 Doyle; 1 Gunn; 1 Lorne; 1

Kills: 4 vamps for Angel, 2 for Gunn Cordy: 5 vamps, 1 demons Angel; 26 vamps, 32 and 1/2 demons, 3 humans Doyle; 1 vamp Wes; 2 demon Kate; 3 vamps Faith; 16 vamps, 6 demons, 3 humans. Gunn; 7 vamps+ 2 demons.

Fang Gang go evil: Cordy: 2 Angel: 2

Alternate Fang Gang: Cordy: 2 Angel: 6

Characters killed: 35

Recurring characters killed; 5;

Total number of Angel Investigations: 4, Angel, Cordy, Wes and Gunn

Angel Investigations shot: Angel: 10 Wes; 1

Packing heat; Wes; 2 Doyle; 1 Angel; 1

Notches on Fang Gang bedpost: Cordy: 2 ?+Wilson/Hacksaw Beast Angel: 1;Buffy Wes; 2; Virginia and the bleached blonde

Kinky dinky: Harmony is so cute in her babydoll nightie. Her ode to the joys of human blood seems to even tempt Angel. Gunn also seems beguiled by Harm and vice versa until he discovers she's a vampire

Captain Subtext; Lesbian subtext between Cordy and Harmony and then more explicit lesbian text between Cordy and Willow, CC not aware of Will's relationship with Tara up until this point. The cult leader wants to turn Wes and Gunn and eat Cordy suggesting women aren't really his thing. Cordy praises Angel as having a 'gay man's taste in clothes'.

Know the face, different character; 2

Parking garages; 5,

Guantanamo Bay; Buffy characters on Angel; add Willow and Harmony so 16 Wetherby, Collins and Smith. Angel, Cordy, Oz, Spike, Buffy, Wes, Faith, Darla, Dru, Master, Anne, Willow, Harmony

Questions and observations; Cordy's jacket makes her look like a Prussian Hussar or something. Interesting to see Wes and Angel silently vie for the leadership role. Now I know an awful lot of people hate this ep with a vengeance but I think it's great, Harmony is such a breath of fresh air, a nice light ep after the intensity of the Darla arc. Love Wes' Xena moment, "Kill'em all!"

Marks out of 10; 8/10

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