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S1.E19: Sanctuary

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The Good; Just when you think it can't get any better, Buffy arrives and all is good with the world.

The Bad; All still fantastic

Best line: NEARLY-Detective (to Kate) "Everyone knows you've gone all Scully" Kate; "Mulder's the believer, Scully's the skeptic" Detective; "Scully's the chick, right?" but the winner, one of my favourites which I use all the time is; Buffy; "A cry for help is when you shout 'Help, help!' in a loud voice"

Jeez, how did they get away with that? For all those afraid of needles avoid the syringe scene. Faith's daydream about killing Angel

Apocalypses: 4

Angel Clichés Damsel in distress; 15,

Inverting the Hollywood cliché; the popcorn scene. Plus Wes calling Angel on his decision to protect Faith.

In disguise; 3

DB get's his shirt off; yep, in the shower again 6

Cordy's tattoo;3

Cheap Angel; 3

Fang Gang in bondage: Angel in cuffs and possibly Faith too Cordy: 5 Angel: 8 Wes: 2

Fang gang knocked out: Cordy: 9 Angel: 10 Wes: 4 Doyle; 1

Kills: Cordy: 3 vamps, 1½ demons Angel: 3 demons so 11 vamps, 9 and 1/2 demons, 2 humans. Doyle; 1 vamp Wes; 1/2 a demon Kate; 3 vamps According to Boo's stats Faith has killed 16 vamps, 5 demons, 3 humans. Add another demon to the list here.

Fang Gang go evil: Cordy: 2 Angel: 2

Alternate Fang Gang: Cordy: 2 Angel: 6

Characters killed: 25

Recurring characters killed; 2;

Total number of Angel Investigations: 3, Angel and Cordy and Wes

Angel Investigations shot: Angel: 8,

Packing heat; Wes; 2 Doyle; 1 Angel; 1

Notches on Fang Gang bedpost: Cordy: 2 ?+Wilson/Hacksaw Beast Angel: 1;Buffy

Kinky dinky: Faith let's slip that she's bedded Buffy's new beau, Riley Finn. Which is news to Angel! Does Cordy not keep touch with things in Sunnydale or did she just not want to tell him?

Captain Subtext; Buffy refers to Faith's 'pouty lips and heaving bosom', interesting she thinks of her in that way? The rooftop scene feels riven with hidden passions. Buffy refers to Riley saying she trusts him. Heading for a fall again. The Watcher's Council refer to the insult 'ponce' again.

Know the face, different character; 2

Parking garages; 4,

Guantanamo Bay; Kate plans to throw Angel into a cell exposed to the rising sun.

Buffy characters on Angel; 11 Wetherby, Collins and Smith. Angel, Cordy, Oz, Spike, Buffy, Wes, Faith, Darla

Questions and observations; What exactly does Angel do with the Watcher's team? Surely Kate must lock them up for turning the streets of LA into a bulletfest? Nice to see that Wes and Buffy are now on good terms, unfortunately this probably marks the nadir of the Buffy/Angel romance and the Kate/Angel relationship. Jelly doughnut's again, someone in the writing staff must have a thing for them. Buffy has the worst timing ever when walking in on Faith and Angel. How does Giles find out about Faith? Sources in the Watcher's council or do Wes or Cordy phone Sunnydale. Good acting by Wes, you really think he might have sided with the Watchers for a moment. How can Wes and Buffy just walk into the police station?

Marks out of 10; 10/10 just great, stunning

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