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S01. E02: Lonely Heart

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Lonely Heart

The Good; Angel on the singles scene is a joy to behold, another commentary on the reality of life in LA. And Kate!

The Bad; The nightclub actually seems quite hip and not 'stuck in the 80s', better than Henry's.

Best line: Kate; "You can go to hell!" Angel; "Been there, done that"

Jeez, how did they get away with that? Can you say 'eviscerated'? The nasty has some obvious influence from the Aliens series and some obvious influence from a very bad but fun film called The Hidden which Kyle Maclachlan made before he got famous.

Apocalypses: 4

Angel Clichés Damsel in distress; nope, still 1

Inverting the Hollywood cliché; we think there's a male killer picking in helpless females but that's not the case. Also Angel tries to use his grappling hook only to pull the beam down

In disguise; no but he poses as a vet which


Fred will also pick as a job for him in Dad

DB get's his shirt off; not this time so that makes 1

Fang Gang in bondage: no although Kate tries to handcuff Angel Cordy: 5 Angel: 

Fang gang knocked out: no but Kate is Cordy: 6 Angel: 6 

Kills: Cordy: none this ep. 3 vamps, ½ a demon from her time in Sunnydale Angel: 1 demon for Angel. So that gives Angel 7 vamps, 2 demons, 1 human.

Fang Gang go evil: Cordy: 1 Angel: 1

Alternate Fang Gang: Cordy: 1 Angel: 3

Characters killed: 7 including a couple off-screen Total; 9

Total number of Angel Investigations: 3, Angel, Doyle and Cordy

Angel Investigations shot: no although Kate shoots at Angel, shoots the lock out with her backup gun and shoots the bartender at the end. Angel: 4,

Notches on Fang Gang bedpost: Cordy: 1? Angel: 1;Buffy

Kinky dinky: On a scale of one to incredible exactly how gorgeous is Kate? No shortage of beautiful women in the Buffy/Angelverse but even so! Hard to imagine her in a cop's uniform (although I'm sure many have with the fanfic to prove it). Only in LA could the character of Sharon be called 'dowdy'. Now, of course this ep was originally known as Corrupt and was much darker in tone. It concentrated largely on Kate who was posing undercover as a prostitute but had gotten too far into her role and was actually having sex with her clients (sounds like the plot of some late night Channel 5 film, 'Undercover Heat' anyone?). The studio said no and the series is probably the better for it (although we still have an oblique reference to sexual dysfunction). Unfortunately this meant we lost this rumoured scene;

Cordy (posing as a streetwalker, approaching a group of hookers on a corner) "Hello fellow prostitutes, how's tricks?" Hooker; "Bitch, if you're living the life I'm Julia Roberts!"

Even so she's still mistaken for a prostitute at the club and will interview a bunch of them in Carpe Noctem. Presumably the scene in the opening titles with the lovely girl in the bikini top getting into the sports car also comes from this sequence. Angel also get's propositioned by a girl who get's turned on by him hitting people. Doyle examines one of Cordy's bras which she thinks is 'So high school'. Kate refers to herself as a 'self flagellating drunken slut'. Doyle uses internet porn. Cordy and Doyle slumber on each other's shoulder.

Captain Subtext; For the second time in 2 eps Angel is mistaken for hitting on a guy in a bar. Cordy also says she's a student of humanity and can tell one of the clubbers is a 'closet dyke'. Weird she


never twigged Willow, huh?

Questions and observations; The guy who is the third victim says he was a real 'something is out there' geek, a reference to the X-files I almost missed. There's also 'High school's over' which might be a oblique ref to Buffy. Angel sitting alone in the dark rather reminds me of how we first see Bruce Wayne in Batman Returns. Angel muses how different the dating scene is to when he was Liam, small town boy getting used to the big city.

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