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Ruth and Debbie

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I found it interesting that in S2 both Ruth & Debbie moved to roles behind the scenes while continuing to perform. I found Ruth's creativity and enthusiasm as a director more entertaining, but that's probably because Debbie's stint as a producer had as its high point actually getting the title to begin with. It was painful watching her assert herself without confrontation. Such as when the guys were deciding what three matches would go on in the next episode, and she happens upon them and says "I agree!" I think the way the show writes her production experience is super realistic, but painful to watch. It's definitely easier for her to go up against Sam individually or Bash individually than the two of them together. I hope she spends a lot of next season acquiring power.

Where do Debbie and Ruth go from here after evening the score? One affair with Debbie's husband versus Debbie breaking Ruth's leg, fold in the massive fight ... I almost feel that it happened too quickly and THAT is also something they could have dragged out. Or at least not resolved after the leg was broken. 

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I don't think it's resolved by any stretch. I think Debbie realizes she's been holding on to a lot of anger that should be directed at her husband as much as at Ruth. The situation with Ruth is a bit better because Debbie was able to release some of that anger in the big fight, but there's still a lot of work to do.

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I think I just had problems with "Nothing Shattered" - the script moved too fast. In "Work the Leg", Debbie was really OTT, and the episode climaxed with a huge close-up of her stretching Ruth's leg while Ruth is screaming. There's a beat, and Debbie hears the crowd, and jerks the leg as it cracks. However they decided to spin it in the next episode, that very dramatic climax showed a beserk Debbie deciding to break Ruth's leg. Her jaw was even tense. It was an extremely exciting, dramatic series climax, so IMO GLOW needed to deal with it, and didn't.  I thought that Betty Gilpin was superb in "Nothing Shattered" on an acting level, but because of the script, Debbie's arc wasn't earned. I wasn't here for Sheila telling Debbie about how her parents had brutal fights but always ended up together. If one of Sheila's parents broke the bone of another, this is not an inspiring message. GLOW missed the boat by not dealing with the part of Debbie capable of cracking her ex-friend's ankle in a moment of considered rage. That goes way beyond the issues between her and Ruth. The focus was on their verbal blow out and tentative coming to terms, but I just can't buy it. Also think GLOW should have made a decision about whether or not it was intentional. It ducked it. It LOOKED and played intentional.

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