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S05.E12: Death

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Robert E. Lee's estate becomes a burial ground for Union soldiers; a gang of counterfeiters attempt to kidnap Abraham Lincoln's body; an embalmed bandit makes his way around the country.

Steve Berg on General Meigs
Jimmy O. Yang on The Kidnapping of Lincoln's Body
JD Ryznar on The Bandit Who Wouldn't Give Up

Jason Ritter as Montgomery C. Meigs
Sheaun McKinney as Lewis Swegles
Keir O'Donnell as Mullen
Angus Sampson as Hughes
Justin Long as Elmer McCurdy

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I had no idea about the origins of Arlington national cemetery. That was a fascinating story. I do criticize the narrators for being too drunk at times, but sometimes, you just get hiccups. It's happened to me so much, and it's infuriating. You have to just pound on your sternum and force all the air out. 

I knew that the secret service had been out of Treasury, but I never knew how it came out that they were responsible for protecting the president. 

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