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READ ME! The Changing of the Mod

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Much like Helen, Vik and Noah moving to California, so has the forum Mod.  Okay, the Mod didn't move; the Mod changed to one in California.  If you have questions, concerns, comments, etc. about The Affair forum, please contact @PrincessPurrsALot.

A few gentle reminders:

  • Occasionally the show includes discussion of a political topic.  Primetimer has a No Politics rule. You may politely discuss what the characters present.  You may not go beyond that to a larger political discussion. 
  • One of the reasons we decided on No Politics is that it is the most likely reason people violate the Golden Rule of Primetimer, Be Civil.  Snark the show, not each other!  

As always, happy (or frustrated or why TF would that character do that) posting! 


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