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A Is for AU: Fanfiction and Other Creative Pursuits

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I thought of a plot for a PLL movie and the event would take place after The Perferctionist The film opens as a flashback sequence when the girls first met as first graders. Jenna helps Alex and Mary Drake escape from Mona's dollhouse and decide to play one last game called "The Bonus Round." with the Liars. Ali returns to Rosewood from Beacon Hills to take care of the twins with Emily who are now having relationship problems. Spencer is now a CIA along with Toby who are both living in Washington D.C., Aria and her husband Ezra became best selling publishers when their second novel became a hit, and Hannah becomes a recovering alcoholic after a miscarriage with her baby. Spencer returns to Rosewood and reunite with the girls once they started to chatting up they got a text message from Alex and said, "You thought this was over, well think again its just getting started. Welcome to the Bonus Round bitches, A." Mona warns the girls that Alex and Mary have escaped and they are coming for them. Spencer calls the rich family from the UK that raised Alex for quite awhile and learn that she was a problem child. At 8 years old she put a cat in a boiler, pushed a girl down the stairs, and poison a nanny. The family put her back to the orphanage and ran away at 10 years old. The girls just received a new board from Mary and Alex and order them to go on a scavenger hunt on a crime scene in Texas which called the part of the game, "Girls Trips". The Liars travel to Texas and starts following directions to a navigator app. They discovered a large cornfield with two glowing domes the girls enter inside the domes and suddenly a swarm of poisonous bees chased them out along with two black helicopters, but manage to escape. The girls have failed the game, so Alex leak racy photos of her posing as Spencer and send them to the CIA headquarters causing Spencer to be suspended until further notice. Alex send Hannah a blooded baby doll labeled, "Baby Killer" telling Caleb that she accidentally killed their baby by drinking wine and take some pills while being pregnant which angers Caleb that she lied to him about the miscarriage and walked out of the house disgusted. Emily and Ali get into a heated argument about Ali taking the job in Beacon Hills, leaving her and the babies alone. She tells her that she quit the job and wanted to spend the rest of her life with Emily and the twins, soon they started to make up. Alex founds Mona and murdered her for trapping her and Mary in the dollhouse for months. Ezra founds out that Aria had her tubes tied while trying to have kids. Ezra always wanted to be a father, but Aria wasn't ready to become a mother which upset Ezra and walked out of their apartment, Aria tries to run after him, but then Aria got stung by a bee which was still in her underneath her clothes in Texas. She start losing consciousness. Ezra calls the paramedics, but the driver turns out to be Alex and shoots Ezra. He survives in the hospital and tells Spencer, Ali, Emily, and Hannah that Aria been kidnapped by Alex. Hannah and Ali walks out of the hospital and meets Miss Grunwald outside and tells them must stop Alex and Mary and promise to each other to never tell secrets or lie again. Carla kills herself in a car bomb. Ali and Emily got a video message from Mary that she was at their apartment with the babies. The girls ran back to their house and found Emily's mother attacked and the twins were gone who were kidnapped by Mary and Alex. The girls got another text saying, "This is the 'Final' round Liars, if you failed this game the babies and your friend will be sleeping under the daisy. Hope you are ready for this bitches. xoxo -.A." The girls learned that Alex, Mary, Aria, and the babies are at their old high school which the "Final" round takes place at. Once they enter the school at night Emily and Ali go find the twins, Hannah goes find Aria, and Spencer goes confront Alex. Alison and Emily find the twins in swimming room and confront with Mary with twins in her hands with a gun and drops them in to the pool. Emily dives in and saves them and Ali pushed Mary into the pool and fight Ali pools the trigger on the gun and shot Mary leaving her dead in the pool. Hannah finds Aria underground the school called "The Boiler Room" in a Barbie Doll like Box, she tries to free her but the box is crawling with rattlesnakes and spiders she successfully freed her and use vaccine to revive her which was giving to Carla before she died. They are confronted by a sinister and deranged Jenna who wants revenge on the girls who took away her eyes. Fighting off Jenna, Hannah grabs the gun and shoot her in her eye and falls. The girls reunited and Toby has arrived at the school and took the babies out and called law enforcement to the school. Spencer find Alex and said, "I've been waiting for this along time. Come on Spence lets finish this." Then Spencer said, "Game on, bitch." starts to fight each other with computers around them. The girls try to find Spencer and save her from Alex. Then fire started to emerge during the fight. The girls rescue Spencer from Alex. Alex pulled out a gun and start to shoot Spencer but is blocked by Ali who save Spencer from certain death and got shot by the bullet. They found out that Jenna planted bombs in the school and Alex set the timer one. Spencer then push Alex to the giant computer screen and said, "Game over." and got electrocuted to death. The girls quickly ran out before the school blowed up and they manage to escape by the exploding school. Ali who was losing consciousness by the bullet near her heart. Emily tells her that she can't take care of the babies by herself. Before dying Ali tells her, "Tell them that mommy loves you." then she died leaving the girls crying emotional by their friends death. The girls attend Alison funeral and burying. Emily breaks down and said, "She can't go." with tears rolling down her face. Sometime later Spencer reunite with Toby and she willing to be with him again they later kiss. Aria had her tubes untied and her and Ezra are expecting a baby, Hannah and Caleb adopted a baby girl, and Emily is taking care of the twins with the help of her mother. The final scene is where the girls visit Alison gravestone leaving flowers and her barbie that she use to play as a kid on her tombstone. The girls away together leaving her grave. The End.

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We didn't have one, so turned this into a general fanfic/creative thread!
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We didn't have a thread for fanfic/fanvids/other stuff of that nature, so I made this into one! Thanks for the inspiration.

This is the place to post any PLL fan creations, whether yours or someone else's.

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Great idea for a thread! I'm always looking for new good fanfic to vill the void.

I'll start with my own shameless self-promotion. I've written PLL fics for a few years and just started a story following 4x01 in which we actually see Mona gradually become the fifth Liar. It always bothered me that the show just totally dropped that idea. If you're interested, you can read it here.

I also just finished a brief four-chapter story detailing how Alison befriended each of the Liars (another storyline that really should have been addressed): Here it is.

As for some of my favorite fanfic authors, I'd recommend ShadowsTakeAll to anyone. They've been inactive for a few years now but they have a ton of amazing, completed PLL stories. They have every type of story (friendship, romance, mystery) and the writing is fantastic.

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