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I've had the recent misfortune of finding out about (and backing) some Kickstarter games that are still a long ways off.
So being the way I am I can't really stop thinking about them, hoping for their greatness. I've only backed two, and not very much, but still...I paid money for something I won't have for awhile.
The first was Shroud of the Avatar. I got in real cheap on the day Richard Garriot announced it on the Rooster Teeth site during a live stream. I enjoyed Ulima Online a great deal, but haven't put any real time into any of the other Ultima games.
The second game is Star Citizen, which is currently recently hit 34 million dollars in crowd funding.
I'm not much of a space game guy, but wow that game looks impressive as hell and listening to Chris Roberts talk about it is infectious.
Today he made a post about how the team is delaying a dogfighting module they were supposed to deliver this month. Most times parts of a game are delayed there is anger and throwing things and then I have to replace whatever I threw, it is a giant hassle. But I think a big part of why Star Citizen has gained so much from its community funding is that Roberts comes across as both an intelligent developer and a fan that wants this game to be really good.
So...anyone have any upcoming or new games they are interested in?

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