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  1. I'm playing on the PC also. The combat speed and mechanics are pretty crisp. I am just baffled why the PC PvP is only 6 on 6. The maps are too small for much more than that, so I don't want them to cram more people into what they have set now. But it makes the PC version seem like a port and an afterthought. Which, sadly, will probably become more common with Xbox One and PS4 games in the future.
  2. Same. I'm hoping Sheila will be exiting the show, because she's been "Piercing" it up lately. I was kind of hoping Fiona would have to stay in jail a bit, not super long, but it would have made a nice bit of play that they couldn't/refused to help her. And also a slap to her for making such a stupid mistake, but I'm sure a few of those are coming along soon. See: possibly losing Liam, freedom and her job.
  3. B E N D E R! Benn-der. B E N D E R! Bennnn-der. Give me a "B," give me an "E," give me an "Nnnnnnnnn" *boop* Some of the Bender heavy episodes can be a bit much, but for the majority of the Futurama series Bender has been there for awesome one-liners and drop ins. If only for the fact that he gives Dr. Zoidberg an excuse to say "Robet"
  4. I have a lot that I listen to on a fairly regular basis. I like to find new podcasts and tear through the back catalog on my way to the present. My weekly "must listens" (besides EHG) are: Stop Podcasting Yourself, a recent episode with Alicia Tobin (especially at around the 80 minute mark) made me actually pull my car over because I was crying from laughing. Consistantly the podcast that has made me laugh the most. The Rooster Teeth Podcast. You kind of have to know/like Rooster Teeth to really appreciate the podcast, but they are pretty funny and tell good stories. Nerdist hostful episod
  5. Evon


    Yep, I play it. Mostly I run a server for Rooster Teeth community members. But I've been trying to play it more lately so I can think of cool stuff to do for my players. Been trying variants like MineZ and Feed The Beast, as well as plain ol' vanilla Minecraft (with my dad).
  6. I've had the recent misfortune of finding out about (and backing) some Kickstarter games that are still a long ways off. So being the way I am I can't really stop thinking about them, hoping for their greatness. I've only backed two, and not very much, but still...I paid money for something I won't have for awhile. The first was Shroud of the Avatar. I got in real cheap on the day Richard Garriot announced it on the Rooster Teeth site during a live stream. I enjoyed Ulima Online a great deal, but haven't put any real time into any of the other Ultima games. The second game is Star Citize
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