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Mod Notes Written in Walker Blood

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Here are your basic forum rules.  (Questions or concerns can be directed to myself or RAVEN.

  • Comic talk is ONLY allowed in threads tagged Book Talk or Spoilers (and limit it in the plain Spoilers and Speculation threads to the storylines currently under discussion). Mainly it should go in the comics thread. NOT episode threads.
  • Spoilers including things like media reports of cast exits need to stay in appropriate Spoilers or Media threads until we see it onscreen.
  • New stuff revealed on Talking Dead IS considered a spoiler and should only be discussed in the Talking Dead thread or Spoilers threads.  This does not include their ever helpful clarifications of stuff we've already seen with the episodes that have just aired.
  • General acknowledgement that FTWD exists is okay as both shows are under the same umbrella and we have had character crossover, but specific discussion of that show and its larger plot points belongs in its own forum where there is also an existing compare and contrast between the shows thread. DO NOT discuss character deaths or exits from that show here.

Basically, if you didn't see it happen in the episode please be extra mindful where you're posting about it.

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