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Angel Season 1: Vampire Detective? What's next? Vampire Cowboy?

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10 hours ago, nosleepforme said:


I thought it back then and I still think it now: this is not the best pilot episode ever, but then again it doesn't really aspire to much more than to establish the characters and the premise of the show. Angel is still a somewhat socially awkward hermit, the damsel is not saved, Doyle is instantly sympathetic (RIP Glenn Quinn) and Cordelia is just plain fun. Her interaction with Russell just kills me every time. Also, gotta love the Chris Beck cue for Angel, "I'm Game". However, the writing for the scenes with Tina and Angel is somewhat wooden and generic, though the guest actress did a great job with what she was given, she conveyed a sense of desperation with just a look or a sad smile. 3/5

Oh, “City of”! I was already going to love the show since Angel is my Buffyverse fave (socially awkward hermits gotta stick together), but “Can you fly?” just won my heart!

[grudgung credit to “Sense and Sensitivity” for “Be a rainbow, not a ‘pain-bow’.”]

I’ve never liked Kate, so I struggle to separate my opinion of “Lonely Hearts” and my opinion of her. I’ll try to do so in my next (virtually inevitable) rewatch.

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7 hours ago, nosleepforme said:


Honestly, I kind of want to know how they broke this episode in the writers' room. "Hey, let's do a Holocaust episode in present day LA with a Nazi demon army roaming the streets." Still, even though the metaphor is kind of on the nose, it works really well, it's a tense episode right from the start and quite effective emotionally, especially with the fantastic music by Rob Kral. But then again how can you do a Holocaust episode without it being emotional? Doyle's death is still one of the most memorable moments from the first season (RIP Glenn Quinn) and kudos again to the late Glenn Quinn for making him so insanely likeable with so little screen time. Two peeves with the episode though: 1.) how can the Scourge really walk around LA without being noticed? 2.) why do the Scourge just disappear and are never mentioned again after they drop their death light weapon on the boat? 5/5

There is a book (I think I want to say "Monster Island") which revisits this. Basic premise is that one of the Scourge generals is Doyle's demon father, who has come to town to "cure" Doyle (make him fully demon) only, of course, to discover Doyle is dead, so he takes vengeance upon Angel. Furthermore, his division (?) of Scourge are trying to find the fugitives (the ones Doyle & group were helping escape). Wee bit of a crossover with Buffy & company, but mainly an Angel story. Originally in hardcover, but was later released in paperback.

ETA: I was right about the book title: https://www.amazon.com/Monster-Island-Buffy-Vampire-Slayer-Angel/dp/0689866992/ref=sr_1_47?ie=UTF8&qid=1516556058&sr=8-47&keywords=monster+island

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