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The Inhumans in the greater MCU: You Know You Are Part of a Bigger Universe


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6 hours ago, Miles said:

Nah, the terrigen leached into the food chain, but not the deviner material. Otherwise all humans would be dead. But still every inhuman on earth cocooned. There was even the brother of the racist senator who cocooned for months.

That the chaimbers prevent the cocooning is the generous interpretation. The not so generous one is that the director, producers and show runner of this have never seen an episode of AoS and thus have no clue how terrigenesis is actually supposed to look like.


Watch some Agents of Shield. Way better show, with tons of Inhumans on live action TV.

Another explanation besides just not watching the other show would be it was cut for the time needed to show the community ceremony. We saw bits of the aftermath as Jaiying's people seemed to do more with Gordon and Lincoln among others helping those who just went through terrigenesis adjust. 


So far however ABC has shy'ed away from the weird Inhumans, Gordon losing his eyes and Raina growing porcupine needles being among them but most, even Lash walk among us unnoticed most of the time.. But one of the biggest easy miss was Maximus' mercenaries not showing an Watchdogs attachment, nobody seemed concerned that a band of human surfers might hear their war games and call the police. Seeing as easy movement to earth was only possible after the coup de'tat right now we are left to believe that agents on earth had been contacted by radio

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I  caught a line about how the royal Inhumans are supposed to be more powerful than the fish oil breed. Yet Lash among others seem more powerful than butterfly wings 

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