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S03.E06: Wasted Minute

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Kiera and an emotionally unravelling Carlos must stop Liber8 from committing a devastating chemical attack on the city.


After all my disdain for the Emily and Alec romance, that final scene was quite touching and I felt bad for her.


This was a good episode, the show seems to have returned to form. The two Alec's facing off was really tense and interesting. It showed that any incarnation of Alec has the potential to become sadTech!Alec, though one may focus those traits into something, or someone else other than a huge corporation.


Sometimes L8's actions can seem so pointless, so it was nice to see a clear goal this episode. 


I thought Betty was pretty awesome and hope she throws around more attitude.

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I need a little help.

What/where/when/how are the scenes with Keira and the Freelancers (I guess that's who they are: Inspector Nora and Curtis) happening?

Too bad we can't have a cross-over with Continuum's 2 Alecs and Orphan Black. Chaos.

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These freelances are definitely part of the current timeline. The old ones from hoodie Alec's timeline, all died when that version of reality collapsed. They obviously have some kind of hideaway, but its location has never been fully established. Though when Garza escaped from the freelancers, we saw that it's part of some underground waterway.

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Thanks, greenbean. That makes more sense than that Keira is time traveling back and forth. And they are anti-time travel, right? So does that mean they have only existed in the present, or did they make an exception to travel to the present in order to prevent time travel in 2077?

Given that Alec is so crucial to stability of the timeline, it makes way more sense to keep a spare for emergencies rather than killing one. The same could be said of Keira. I was left wondering if murderous Curtis was not the same Curtis who just got accused of killing OtherKiera.

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It showed that any incarnation of Alec has the potential to become sadTech!Alec


This was my sense as well; I thought the show did a good job of conveying that. Also? Loved the Alec 2.0 mention.


greenbean, i too hope Betty keeps throwing more attitude - especially toward Keira.

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This show keeps getting better and better. So the freelancers don't know about Curtis killing Keira? Perhaps he is working for freelancers from the future that may have other goal than keeping the future intact.

I knew both Alec's had the capacity to turn into his older self but I feel bad for the one who traveled back getting into that glass cage. I can't help but wonder what they do if they need to go to the bathroom when they are imprisoned in those things.

I like the actress who portrays Emily, she reminds me of Angela Chase, but I'll be glad if that was the end of the Emily and Alec romance.

I may think Dillon is too obsessed to do his work right but I agree with him that Carlos shouldn't have expressed his ideas about Liber8 being right in front of the press.

I think Sonya has the clearest goal from all of the Liber8 folks, her plans always seem more focused than Travis' who seems to be more into violence than changing the world. No wonder Kagame wanted her as the leader. Lucas and Garza are mostly followers.

I feel like I never say this so I wanted to do it here, Keira is a fantastic lead for the show, kudos to the writers and Rachel Nichols for her portayal.

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