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S01.E01: Amy Poehler, Vice President Joe Biden, A Great Big World

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Woohoo! I'm pretty excited to see this. I definitely won't end up watching this daily (as I do with The Daily Show and Colbert Report), but I'm definitely interested in seeing what format this looks like and how the SNL style translates. 

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I thought this was pretty great for a first show! The monologue feels like Weekend Update-lite, and I wish he would keep it short and do more behind the desk, but I think that's my own bias just from being used to see him at a desk.

Amy was the perfect first guest. They have a great rapport and she made him comfortable. Plus, she looked hottttttt. Divorce and a new boy looks good on her!

I love Crazy Uncle Joe anytime, but putting him with Amy made me love him even more. Loved the SotU pics.

I probably won't watch the whole show every day, but definitely worth tuning in every once in a while.

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Yeah, this was a promising first show. You could tell that Seth had some major first show jitters during the monologue, which kind of threw me a little bit because I've always seen him as such an old pro on SNL / Weekend Update; but once he ended the monologue it seemed like he got much more comfortable. 

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