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S04.E05: Indiscretion

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Kira tries to track down an old resistance colleague: to her dismay, Gul Dukat joins the investigation. Meanwhile, on DS9, Sisko ponders a big step

Not the greatest episode, but with some interesting character moments (even the introduction of a reasonably significant character with Ziyal). I do like the way that we get to see Dukat in a slightly better light during the episode ("The villain is the hero of his own story," as they say) even if he WAS planning on murdering his daughter. You can even see the suggestions of potential romance between Dukat and Kira (even if Nana Visitor was adamant they would never happen).

The liberation of the camp also creates a later plot hole in that we're later told "Nobody knows what a Breen looks like under their encounter suits" - except Dukat & Kira presumably do, as they must have picked up their suits from somewhere (I guess they could have raided the laundry). Even if they didn't bump of a couple of guards, several Breen (and yes, they are definitely identified by name) are killed, so any prisoners could have seen their faces (though they probably were too busy fleeing). Maybe Kira and Dukat never filed a report, but word WOULD get out once they did, if Breen appearance is such a mystery.

As for Sisko - man, he looked an idiot. I can accept not coming up with a better answer than "It's a big step" at the airlock when you first learned Cassidy was taking about moving onto the station, but you had time to come up with a better answer by the time you were having dinner. Oh, and because it can't be said enough in this episode, Shut up Jadzia, if I wanted your opinion, it'll be to ask whether you thought it was getting a little chilly in hell (sorry, she just annoyed the hell out of me this episode - the whole sub plot was dumb, but at least Jake had the decency to not offer an opinion until asked, unlike Jadzia).

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