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@feelsfine Cool, yes?  Also, (I'm not sure you know since the Hashed post didn't mention it) Captain Berringer was played by Toby's brother, Chris Larkin:  http://www.monstersandcritics.com/smallscreen/exclusive-interview-with-chris-larkin-capt-berringer-in-black-sails/.

Somewhere on the interwebs, there's also an interview with Toby where he talks about how they kept trying not to laugh when they shot the big confrontation in front of the gallows in Nassau.

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And Mrs. Hudson is played by Toby Stephen's wife Anna Louise Plowman.  Lots of relations in this show.  Louise Barnes, who played Miranda, is married to the actor who played Peter Ashe.  So effectively, he was responsible for his wife's character's death, lol.

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