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  1. Not just Bonnie, but they also kept commenting on how Celeste was so pretty. It was kind of annoying.
  2. I found a bunch of Audrey and Elvis pics (from the trivia night) side by side with the real actor costumes on Hashed: https://hashed.io/c102/big-little-lies/t2574371/elvis-and-audrey-pics-side-by-side
  3. What if Sasha's coffin wasn't standing upright when Negan opened it? I guess it doesn't really matter...if you think about it, Sasha's distraction shouldn't have really worked. Sure, Negan was surprised, but how does that let Carl and the other Alexandrians overtake all the other Junkyard people? And even if it did work, it actually still doesn't matter. It was the Kingdom that really did it. More of these thoughts are posted on Hashed: https://hashed.io/c5/the-walking-dead/t2574369/s07e16-recap
  4. I entitled this post "How History Is Made" because it reflects how I would have liked this series to end. We've known since the beginning of this show that all the endeavors and feats of Captain Flint and Long John Silver had to end. Piracy has to end, and civilization inevitably prevails. But does its legacy survive? We only know about these larger than life characters from the tales passed down generations. And like Jack says, truth doesn't matter. History is made by those who wield the power to write it. A lesson for modern times as well. Jack's ultimate punishment for Woodes Rogers was his ultimate reward -- to have a hand in writing his legacy. And that for him was worse than Blackbeard's torture and death. Indeed, we can compare the Wikipedia pages on the actual historical figures. Overall, great series that deeply explored complex themes like loyalty, truth, sacrifice, family, and legacy. The characters were great, the stories outstanding, and the finale exceptional. I give it an A-. A full recap with pictures and more thoughts are posted on Hashed: https://hashed.io/c324/black-sails/t2574370/s04e10-series-finale
  5. Whoa Toby Stephens (Capt flint) is Maggie Smith's son? Well she is still alive... Can't wait til this weekend's episode, go team Billy I just saw it posted on Hashed here: https://hashed.io/c324/black-sails/t2574351/captain-flints-family-ties
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