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So Amazon prime video in Canada has this series and I have been watching it. It is pretty good but the show is not so great at handling the passage of time. I just watched the Y2K episode (which obviously took place in December 1999). At the NYE party Ali and his girlfriend make a comment about how he likes her because they had sex in the previous episode. But that episode took place in August of 1998, when the US launched it's retaliatory attacks after the embassy bombings. So why a year and a half later is he acting like the sex just happened and why does he still only "like" her.

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On 4/5/2018 at 11:10 AM, teddysmom said:

I understand keeping the Middle East stable, but for fuck's sake lady. You have an imminent threat and you're worried about pissing off the people that were allowing this shit to happen as long as they held onto power? 

The CIA's logic didn't make much sense to me. Her comments in the car were that FBI arresting AQ members could lead to destabilizing of governments in the Arab world. But Schmidt's solution as to bomb pretty much any target that might have even a possible connection to Bin Laden, not caring at all about colateral damage. Are they saying that won't destabilize those countries?

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"How did this happen, Martin?" 

Um, WTF?! You completely ignored the FBI when it came to the terrorists,  that's what happened! JFC. 

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