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Something Fun: If Downton Took Place in the 21st Century

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Taken from a TwoP thread...

21st C Dowager Countess:  Do you have plans for the weekend? 

21st C Matthew (replies to email on his smartphone and doesn't even look up): What's a weekend?

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Just a thought on jobs some of the characters might hold today:

Robert: CEO of a real estate company (whether he has the title or not) - company owns several malls/residences/office buildings

Violet:  Robert's mom.  Very old fashioned.  Doesn't feel she has the need for a computer.  Still has a rotary phone (!!!) and has a tube TV.  She'd go remote-less if she could.  Not sure if she'd adapt very easily.  Robert and Cora convinced her to get a cell phone though.  No smartphone for her (though she might end up being #instagramminggranny if she did.  Maybe?)

Mrs. P: Owner of a cafe and regular lunch stop for Robert and the rest of the family.  Near the offices

Daisy: Kitchen staff at said cafe.  Not too confident because she didn't come from one of the top culinary schools.  In fact, she didn't go to culinary school at all (couldn't afford it - she received her training through apprenticeships.  However, she had trouble getting hired thanks to the lack of connections/alumni preferences many places have).  She's pretty good, but she doesn't think she is.

Mary: Works for daddy.  May or may not take over

Edith: Didn't really want to work for the family, so she got a job in publishing. 

Sybil: Same sad story (because her condition still kills today), except Tom isn't Irish but from India

Tom: South Asian immigrant who Ubers part time to make extra money to help him finish school.  Somehow, Sybil often ends up with him.  #sorrysostereotypical

Rose: See above, minus the job.  Better known.  Had a dalliance with an up-and-coming hip hop artist with a less-than-stellar reputation.  In fact, her relationship with the artist actually made her THINK she was Kim (and Jack, Kanye)

Mrs. H: Senior office manager

Mr. C: One of the company's VPs.  Pretty strict on "tradition" and is VERRRRRRYYYYYY conservative.  Still thinks it's 1950 (even though he was a very young child at the time).

John Bates: An senior advisor to Robert

Anna:  Mary's assistant (yeah, I know, John and Anna's relationship (and Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes, for that matter) won't be appropriate in a professional setting, but let's keep things similar to the show, shall we?)


Can't think of any more.  Not sure how to place Thomas in a modern context except he is allowed to be out of the closet.  Cora will probably be the same deal - daughter of a wealthy Jewish New York business family with a very stereotypical mom.  Isobel and her son, well, distant family members who happen to have the same last name. 

What about others?  How creative would YOU get with the 21st century versions? 

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