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Hardcore Henry (2016)

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What a bizarre movie.  But I liked it.  Violent and bloody as hell, and they never did explain how Akan got his telikinetic powers.


Apparently funded by crowdfunding?  They included sharltocopleyfans.com for helping with the funding.


Sequels are a big possibility if this makes money.


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I intend to see this next month. I am honestly shocked at how many theaters it opened in and how well it is doing for next to advertising budget.


Of course I wonder if the name has generated a lot of ticket sales making the buyers think its some sort of porno film.

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I get why it's popular - we live in an age where PewDiePie is a thing - but it made me nauseous pretty much immediately, and I'm not someone who usually suffers from motion sickness. Was literally about to spew.

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