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Welcome to 2015: Pronouns, Gender Identity and You

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So there's a TV personality named Caitlyn Jenner. Maybe you heard of her, she's got her own show. Once upon a time she was known as Bruce Jenner but now it's Caitlyn Jenner.

What's in a name? A lot. It's who she is and it shouldn't matter if it took 6 months or over 50 years to get there, that's who she is now.

It's a baseline level of respect -- not only for her but for anyone dealing with issues of self-identification and a sense of one's self -- that we can at the very least call them by the name they chose for themselves and use the pronouns they've publicly indicated they prefer, regardless of the gender of their earlier lives.

Here's some handy examples!

  • She's doing that thing again.
  • Caitlyn is doing that thing again.
  • Ms. Jenner is doing that thing again.
  • When she was known as Bruce she was doing that thing.

We know you may have formed opinions about Caitlyn when she was on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that may not be positive, which is fine: you don't have to like her. But you do have to respect her identity as a person if you're going to participate on these forums.

If we can do it for Sean Puffy/P/Daddy Combs, we can do it here.

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