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Eve's Marathon Diary: Many Are Trapped For Hours In Darkness And Confusion

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As I mentioned last week, the characters of the Sun's managing and executive editors are some of the show's worst drawn and most cartoonish, and I'm even counting those sex workers that loved being hookers so much they fucked Jimmy for fun.


Okay, this is like the third time the author has brought that scene up, so I feel compelled to say that I think she is completely misinterpreting that scene. It wasn't meant to portray McNulty as some irresistible sex god. The hookers had no choice in the matter. They were slaves performing as instructed, and their instructions were to have sex with McNulty.

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This was my favorite installment of the Marathon Diary and the one I agreed with the most. (No, those are not always the same, so, a 2-fer.)


* if we did get those extra eps, no more time should be allotted to the newspaper. I really do believe that the show got bogged down there. In fact, I feel like it could have benefitted from a 10% cut.

Good point that a large part of the problem was the redundancy, not just the cardboard characters. Now that I think about it, I'm a little resentful that we spent so much time with the newspaper people. The only other plot point I feel that way about is Cutty's boxing gym. Everything else felt necessary.

* Watching McNulty and Freamon figure out how to warp their serial narrative to get them Marlo-stalking tools was a lot of fun, and was a realism leap I was willing to take.

I agree. That was an entertaining subplot and I thought it was set up to skewer the right institutions. Completely on point.

* Jimmy had to take (left) the most uncomfortable elevator ride ever, then (right) have an interrogation room conversation

Might be my favorite scenes from the series.

But, I agree with alynch: I don't agree with the interpretation of the hookers' scene, and I have a different interpretation of the writers' view of women in this series, in general.

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