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Amazing Moments & Memories

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After 25 seasons, I'm sure there are things that we remember as great moments that are good/bad/shocking/funny etc. So thought we could put those moments in here.


One of my all time favorite moments on the race is S6 when they were in Budapest, Jonathan and Victoria got in a cab and Jonathan was yelling at his cab driver to go fast. Cab driver got tired of it, pulled over, said "Finito" and kicked them out of his cab. I never cheered so hard in my life when that happened. We need more cab drivers like that on the race.


S12 when Lorena had to get milk from a camera and she kept freaking out and screaming about how there was no more milk because the camel kept kicking her bowl lol.


I will never forget S7 when Joyce shaved her head, I thought she wasn't going to do it, but I guess she realized if they went back instead of doing the FF they would be last and eliminated.


The All Star season last year, I never thought that I would want Brendon and Rachel to win in the finale over Country Girls and Dave & Connor. The other two teams were just unpleasant during that season, Dave playing the age card constantly and leaving Connor to do most of the roadblocks and Country Girls continuously getting help when they have shown that they're fully capable of running their own race without help. On TWOP we were wanting Dave's achilles tendon to pop.


What's also memorable is how some teams bring the Ugly American over to another country. Colin and his behavior in Africa was completely disrespectful, and two blonde girls were on a train in Africa and said, "These people bring flies." I mean really bitch that comment was uncalled for.

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Memorable to me are all the cabbies who stand up to the racers.  One was mentioned above (though I vaguely remember it).  Another was this past season with Brooke trying to commandeer the cab AC and turn it on and the cabbie expressly told her NO!.

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