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S03.E06: Homecoming


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I've started watching The Wire again after a two-month absence. This episode was interesting to me for several reasons:


  • I always love the cops-in-a-bar scenes in this show, and the Kima/Jimmy one was no exception. These two actors have great chemistry, just as DW has great chemistry with the actor who plays Bunk. I laughed when Kima shook her head when Jimmy motioned to the blonde woman at the bar, but I think I misinterpreted the scene. I thought Kima meant that the blonde was out of Jimmy's league, but after reading Sepinwall's review, in which he mentions that they were at a lesbian bar (which I completely missed), I'm wondering if Kima was saying she wasn't interested, that the blonde was out of her league, or whether it was still that nothing was going to happen between the woman and Jimmy. 
  • Bunk's scene with Omar, particularly his speech about how things used to be, was amazing. And heartbreaking.
  • When Avon's soldier (ACK, I can't remember his name . . . the one who tried to go straight and was working on the lawn crew for a while) tells Avon that he couldn't kill the guy and that he was leaving the game, I was certain he was a dead man. Maybe that will come in the future, but I was so sure he wouldn't make it down the hall before being shot. I like it when this show surprises me . . . and it surprises me often.
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