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I loved it; it was one of my favorite games of that year, and I actually just replayed it last summer, mostly because the music and the narration are so great. There were a few rough parts gameplay-wise, but I don't remember ever thinking "this is poorly designed" so much as just "this part is hard" or sometimes "they really want me to use that weapon but I don't really want to."

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Well there's this one part where there are the Gasfellas that throw you up in the air, but every time I press "space" to land safely, it makes me land in a hole in the ground and I fall through and lose health, and by the time I recover it throws me up again. So, kinda stuck :/ this isn't the first time the game has gotten stuck with a sort of unplayable bit like that for me. 

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I haven't played for a while but I was super excited when I found out it was on iPad, I paid for it and downloaded it straight away!


It's such a beautiful game and the narration is great. I don't recall a time where I was ever so frustrated I couldn't finish it, I was actually sad it ended so soon. I've been considering a replay, just need to get some time to do so.

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