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Figured I'd start a fic thread up, haven't seen one around.

Anyone jump into any good stories lately? I've recently been browsing FF.net but it's really overrun with Klaine fic. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just the overwhelming majority.

I started Influence by Sappho's Ghost tonight, it's Britt/Santana and not half bad. Not sure how to post link on mobile but I'll come back.

Any suggestions? I've kind of fell off my FF game. Thanks in advance!

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Personally, I make good use of the filters feature on FF.net.  I like long stories with Brittany and Santana, so I put them in the characters, ask for stories over 60K (completed), and sort by Favorites.  I just did that exact sort, and the list that came up is pretty much one I'd endorse.   One of my very favorite stories - 2859 by Halfrobotchicken - tops the list.  But of course, tastes vary, so you may prefer others.   


I use 'favorites' rather than 'reviews' as a sort  because sometimes more reviews = more chatty fangirling in the reviews section.  Plus the reviews can be bad, too.  :)  So more =/= good.  YMMV, of course.


Over on Archive of our Own (archiveofourown.org), there's a lengthy Glee story that pretty evenly includes all the Glee kids (Kurt is probably the 'main' character): Special by Miggy.  (Easy to find by sorting the Glee stories by word count)  It's a superhero/Marvel Universe cross-over, but no real knowledge of Marvel is required - exceedingly well-written. 

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