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S02.E24: The Collaborator

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(Boy am I behind on the rewatch discussions. Anyway...)

I admit, I can't imagine the anger and betrayal one must feel when your own people turn against you. Still, after this episode, I can't help but think that many of the Bajoran collaborators were sinple poor Bajorans who were put into fucked up situations.

Kubus gave up. He was willing to order fellow Bajorans to their deaths because "Someone else would be doing it anyway." The anger and punishment towards him is certainly reasonable.

Poor Bek though. He goes down in history as a traitor. The issue of 42 resistance fighters versus 1,200 innocents isn't known, and it doesn't even seem that much of an issue. If it was, then shouldn't the threat be well known? When Kira thought Bareil gave the information to the Cardassians, she made mention of finding another way. The crime still seems unforgivable until she finds out who gave the information. (Of course, the whole issue of Opaka sacrificing her son to save hundreds is a big deal.)

Overall, this episode just gave me the impression that their are many Bajorans living with the collaborator label after being put into impossible situations.

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