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New to the GG? Keep your finger on the FF button for these episodes

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Amensisterfriend proposed this parallel topic to the 5 episodes for GG newbies.


Which episodes in the first 4 seasons would you recommend that newbies skip or fly through?

Some suggestions:

2.01 Sadie, Sadie - listen to Luke tell Lorelai some truths about communication before going into a marriage, then blow past the rest.

3.21 Here Comes the Son - all of the California bits are for a spin-off that didn't happen, so fast forward through that. That father-son pair is just too dumb and awkward to attract me.

3.04 One's got class, the other one dyes - enjoy the high school scenes, but zoom through the annoying parts of the hair dyeing section. Lane waxing philosophical at the end is nice, though.

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Keep in mind that I have odd taste, so these are just my subjective picks for S1-S3 episodes that I tend to fast forward through (though, sadly, I'd still rather watch nearly all of these than a lot of what we get in later seasons!) :) 


P.S. I Lo... I like the teaser and hate...well, pretty much everything else. And don't get me started on the implication that Rory should be 'blamed' for not declaring her love for Dull Dean after a mere three months of high school dating or that the exceptionally warm, affectionate Lorelai is at fault for not teaching Rory how to express love or whatever. This episode irks me on so many levels. 


Love, Daisies and Troubadours: A frustrating misunderstanding to set the stage for a setback in the uneasy Paris/Rory friendship they'd done a great job of building throughout the season, way too much Dean, way too much Max, the all too frequent 'jealousy is awesome, isn't it?!' nonsense from AS-P (this time with Luke, Lorelai and Max), the bizarre idea that not being able to get along with someone for 10 minutes at a stretch or know what else to do means that, of course, the answer is to get engaged...etc. The ending, with Lorelai and Rory running towards each other in a cheesy but nonetheless sweet scene, is probably worth watching, but I find the rest fast forward worthy. 


ITA with juniemomo about Sadie Sadie. Season 2 is my very favorite season, but that episode has too much Dean, too much of the 'let's pretend we're going to get married despite the fact that every viewer knows we won't' Max, too much of Richard acting like an irrational idiot, and just a general feel and tone that doesn't work for me. 


I usually fast forward through the Sherry scenes in It Should Have Been Lorelai, along with the rather bizarre ending (both Lorelai and Christopher were out of character there, IMO), but I'm always happily surprised by how many great scenes are left. I love the covert CD drop mission!  


Teach Me Tonight is an episode I'm totally torn on---it has some absolutely FABULOUS scenes, especially for those of us who enjoy Jess/Rory, but Lorelai (and the entire town's) ridiculously overblown reaction to Rory's injury is highly fast forward worthy for me. I skip some parts of Help Wanted for the same reason. I'm not a Jess apologist by any stretch, but for all the wrong things Jess has done deliberately that people had a right to be legitimately upset about, I can't deal with how everyone demonizes him to such a ridiculous degree for a minor freaking car ACCIDENT, with accident being the operative word here! 


And then there's  Keg Max, which is probably my very least favorite Plaid Years episode. I'm trying to think of a scene I like in this one that's worth NOT fast forwarding through, but I'm drawing a bit of a blank :) 


I agree wholeheartedly with Juniemomo on Here Comes the Son: I fast forward through the painfully awkward California stuff, but I would never recommend skipping this one entirely, as there are some surprisingly great Connecticut-based scenes in this episode. 

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