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S02.E19: Blood Oath

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SUMMARY: Jadzia Dax honors an oath made by Curzon Dax to three Klingons (Kor, Koloth, and Kang), and goes with them on a crusade against their sworn enemy "the Albino" who murdered their firstborn children as revenge for stopping his raid on a Klingon colony.

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A fun episode to see the Klingons from TOS. For me it was the opposite, having seen DS9 first. Back when I was having a TOSathon, it was fun to see the episode where these characters originated.

The Albino. The writers certainly gave the Klingons and Curzon a good reason to create a blood oath and hunt him down. I suspect that Sisko would not be feeling so noble if Jake had been killed in cold blood.

It does make me consider the episode where Dax was on trial for murder. Sisko was quite insistent that Curzon would never do such a thing. Now we know that Sisko knew that Curzon took a blood oath. I wonder if Odo ever questioned Sisko about this?

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