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S04.E11: Shot in the Dark


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A heart-eating monster from folklore attracts a paranormal investigating duo, the Darkside Seekers, to Haven--where they threaten to expose the Troubles to the world. With Audrey in the hospital, Nathan, Duke, and Dwight are left working overtime to protect the town's secrets, only to discover that the Darkside Seekers may be the least of their troubles...


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This one is such a weird combination of arc and monster of the week. I mean, yeah, a ghost hunter episode seems like a logical plot to do on a show like this, but it didn't really seem to mesh. Maybe in an earlier season it would have worked better, when the town was a little less hectic and our people were a little less panicked. And I guess I was supposed to notice or care that the camera guy was a recognizable actor? I spent the entire time trying to identify his costar and being blown away when I finally recognized Cute Boy God from Joan of Arcadia. And the mythology starts getting really weird in this one, but I feel like I say that about the back half of the most recent season every season.


I'm also guessing this was a "keep Emily and Colin free to film something else" episode, not that I mind having the focus on the other four. There were some good lines out of them, especially Jennifer asking Duke how he felt about dating Hermione and Dwight assuming that anyone younger than him can get into someone else's computer files.

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I generally tend to cringe at the "meta" episodes on paranormal-type shows, where they bring in the reality show crew or find that their adventures are being turned into a TV show or movie, but I thought this one worked. You kind of have to wonder how they've avoided this sort of thing in Haven for so long, and the backstory of the one guy having encountered the Troubles as a kid without knowing what was going on worked as a reason for him to know to be looking for it. They could have done it as more of a comedy episode earlier in the series, but I liked it being part of when things were going horribly wrong. I think what I liked most was the sense of teamwork among the guys. This was a great episode for Nathan and Duke -- Duke pulling Nathan back from going after the ghost chasers, and then when they insulted him, they exchanged a look before both of them went after them; the bit where Nathan hands Duke his little backup gun and Duke pulls out an even bigger gun; Duke's pep talk to Nathan about Audrey, followed by Nathan reassuring Duke about Jennifer. I love Audrey, but in this season, I almost think it was better when she was offstage.


I also love Dwight and Nathan talking to the camera guys and the dynamic between Gloria and Duke. The Cheesy Paperback of Power is a neat touch.


Really, I find myself grinning through most of this episode because even when it's serious and scary, it's a ton of fun.

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