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S04.E09: William


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When Dwight is kidnapped, Audrey is shocked to discover that not only are the mysterious thugs from the barn behind it, but they have another captive--William. His memory wiped, he doesn't remember Lexie or the barn...and if that's not enough to hinder Audrey's investigation of the thugs' sinister plan, a vicious new Trouble sweeps through the town, infecting Dwight, Nathan, and Jennifer with violent delusions. But as Dwight and Audrey uncover startling truths about the people of Haven, they realize these delusions may not be entirely off-base.


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Yay for Crazy People. Adam Copeland really knocked it out of the park in this episode.


I liked that both Nathan and Jennifer appeared to suffer from jealous paranoia going in overdrive. Also putting them all at the same table was interesting. I think was mostly the visual of it.

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Of all the theories I had about William, the actual answer never so much as entered my head. Well done on that, Show.


Definitely some good visuals on this one, yeah. And for once Nathan was losing his mind over the possibility of someone else going after Audrey and that someone else wasn't Duke. Which actually makes him the odd one out this time around.

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A bit disappointed that

William didn't seem to live up to the 'evilness' suggested by the end "she is mine' scene. He ended the season more of a joker than a real evil villain. Wonder if there is a more powerful evil that controls/controlled them both (i.e. William and Mara)

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I think this was one of their better twist/reversal stories. From the way he was in the Bar(n), it really seemed like William was Howard 2.0, and it sounded like he was trying to get Lexie to remember being Audrey and to remember her love for Nathan. That's certainly the way she took it. I think it also played on Colin Ferguson's good-guy rep from Eureka. You expect him to be a good guy. He even seemed to fit in well as a member of the team when he helped free Duke from the handcuffs and then cuff crazy Dwight. But he just couldn't maintain the nice, sane attitude for long, so when he slipped, it was a real shock.


And for once Nathan was losing his mind over the possibility of someone else going after Audrey and that someone else wasn't Duke.

And it turned out that everything he said in his crazy paranoia about William was actually true. It sounded crazy when he said it with the way he said it, but he was absolutely correct.


I liked the scene of crazy Nathan sitting across from crazy Jennifer. It made me wish we'd seen more of those two interacting with each other, and I think this may have been where I started speculating about them maybe being siblings, since both of them were adopted.


The conclusion from the previous episode's cliffhanger was a little bit of a letdown. That's twice they've done a cliffhanger with an offstage gunshot and it turned out nobody got shot. Not that I really want to torture Nathan even more than he's already been tortured, but at least a close call or a winging might have gone a long way toward showing that he'd been serious about being willing to die. It's not like being shot and seriously wounded has ever slowed him down much before.

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