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S04.E07: Lay Me Down


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This episode, filling the season's nudity quotient all in one go.


My favorite part of this episode is the initial confrontation with Carrie. Her "Oh yeah, my whole family's Troubled, we know how to deal with it, no big," about made me clap my hands in glee on first viewing. It's just refreshing to have an actual example of people actually dealing with this thing that's been happening for generations.


Duke's entire reaction to his brother going crazy has been one stupid decision after another, but they're stupid decisions that I completely buy this character in this situation and this emotional state making.

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It's just refreshing to have an actual example of people actually dealing with this thing that's been happening for generations.

Yes! It seems like this family, the Wendigo girls and the mermen family are the only ones who actually talk about it and have contingency plans. Otherwise, it seems like too many of the Troubled are relying too heavily on other people to deal with their messes and not taking responsibility for themselves. They aren't warning their kids, they aren't taking preventive measures to keep themselves calm, they don't have any coping strategies. They seem to just expect the Haven Saver to show up and fix it all. It's so nice to have someone who can deal.


Aside from the nudity and the punishing teacher, Nathan's nightmare is essentially my recurring nightmare -- I'm late to a class I forgot I was taking and there's an exam. Only I can't even remember where the classroom is and then have all kinds of obstacles come up to keep me from it once I find the information, so I don't know if there's a punishing teacher waiting for me there.


Wade's reaction to the Crocker Curse somewhat validates Nathan's terror when they first found out about Duke. With the number of drug references Duke has made just this season alone, like comparing the blood rush to heroin, I've wondered if Duke maybe has had some history of drug abuse in his past that Nathan was aware of, and he connected the way Duke reacted with the blood to the way he was when he was high, and that made him worry what Duke would do to get that high again. Some of the Crockers seem able to resist, like Roy, but it sounds like Simon was bad enough that he had to be offed. His ghost may have come across as more reasonable because he no longer had any physical needs, and he may have used his partnership with the Rev to rationalize the killing he was really doing to get that high.

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