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[NOT A BUG] Ads are out of control

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I understand, and appreciate the need for ads so we can all enjoy this place for free. This is why I don't use an ad blocker. However, today the ads have taken a great leap to out of control, rendering the site almost unreadable.  

The page jumps around for several seconds while the ads load.  There are ginormous ads between forum sub-topics and between posts in those sub-topics.  There's a small YouTube-like square in the bottom left corner of the screen playing an ad (which has caused the up arrow circle to move up - which is good I guess, since I can still get to it).  There's an ad taking up part of the entire right side of the screen (that one only happened once).  There's a gigantic video playing at the bottom of some screens.  The rectangular ad that used to be in the center on the bottom of the screen now stretches across the whole screen.  

I was really happy for a while when the ads were mostly at the bottom of the page, but that was too good to last and it went back to "normal".  What I wouldn't give for "normal" now.  This is...bad. 

Not sure there's a fix, but thanks for at least reading this. 

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