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[QUESTION, ANSWERED] How best to paste/post a screenshot in a post?

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This question has come up largely due to Twitter issues. Twitter has been making changes for some time, but a most recent change prevents posters who don't have an account from clicking on a Tweet in a post and seeing the tweet. Besides that, Twitter has had a lot of stability issues lately, so it seems to make sense to post a screenshot of a Tweet instead of the actual tweet and a link to whatever article is mentioned in the post. I've tried to post a couple of screenshots of a Twitter post before but the system has complained about the size limitations. Is there an easy way to post a screenshot without worrying about the size limit and I've just missed it? This actually would apply to anything I want to take a screenshot of to show information, not just of Twitter

When I'm on the web, I'm taking a screenshot via Firefox. When I'm on my iPad, I'm taking a screenshot via an app that I've downloaded, if any of that makes a difference. Is there some trick or application that forum users use that works well?


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Honestly, I personally don't use Twitter so my suggestion would be to crowdsource an answer on this - ask around in a few Small Talk topics etc, where other members can let you know what they do.

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