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S04.E03: Bad Blood


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A series of exsanguinated bodies have the police at a loss to explain the deaths. Everyone is angry at Nathan for shooting Agent Howard and destroying the barn, but it would appear that some are more angry than others.


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Yes, Everyone Hates Nathan. We get it. If I were living in Haven, I'd hate him more for bailing on the town while the Troubles got out of control. But hate him because he was desperate and everyone he loved vanished into thin air.


I really liked Jordan in this episode. She wasn't quite so overzealous and actually useful here. And snarky.

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Kate Kelton and the writers brought their snarky A-game for the "evil sponge" exchange, and I would pay good money* for an episode that was nothing but Duke and Jordan forced into close quarters and having to work together to escape and just bitching at each other the entire time. Her first scene with Mike, when she figures out that his wife died and her heart just breaks for him, is also the most empathy I think we've ever seen out of her. Of course, by the end of the episode she's back to telling Nathan how much it sucks not being able to touch people like he has no idea, so there goes that little blip.


I really like the Lexie stuff in this one. Her asking if she's dead intercutting with Vince and Dave's morgue visit is perfectly done, and I like the morgue trip in and of itself. I also love how much the show sold me on Lexie and Rhonda's friendship and how hard it was for her to let go.



*for a metaphorical value of 'money'; I am lacking in the actual stuff at the moment

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Yes, Everyone Hates Nathan. We get it.

I find it interesting that other than the Guard loonies, the Troubled people we've seen who've blamed Nathan were blaming him for deaths by natural causes. Marian blamed Nathan for Conrad's death, but he died of a heart attack. He may have been fixing meteor storm damage when he had the heart attack, but even without the Troubles, Conrad was a fix-it guy, so he'd have likely been fixing something and probably would have died anyway. The wife of the guy in this episode died when her cancer returned, which he blamed on stress from the Troubles, but we don't really know what causes cancer to flare up, and life can be stressful even without Troubles. But this guy did admit that he didn't really blame Nathan. Nathan just made a convenient target for anger, and I think that was the point here, that Nathan is the focal point for all the frustration and helplessness. It makes people feel better to have someone to blame, but they seemed to get over it once they interacted with him as a person again.


If he hadn't left town, though, he'd have been dead, so I guess he could still have been a retroactive scapegoat, but I wonder how much blame they'd have laid on him.


I did love the intercutting between the morgue scene and Lexie wondering if she was dead. I knew Audrey or someone looking like her was bound to return, but I wasn't entirely sure that she wouldn't be dead first.

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