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Here are some of the guidelines for the forum.   

Book Talk: It is considered a spoiler and should really go in the Bridgerton forum since this show isn't based on a specific book. Spoiler tag it if you must reference any of the books. 

Bridgerton TV Series: Talk of the first two seasons is not considered a spoiler.  You may reference it when discussing how those events relate to this story.  Longer discussions about that show belong in that forum.

History: Normally, for shows based on telling the story of historical figures, historical mentions are considered spoilers.  For this forum, the rules surrounding this will be loosened a bit because it's a) a mini-series about b) a very short time in the queen's life, and c) we've already seen her future in Bridgerton.  Plus, they state very openly that this is pure fiction based on some fact.  It has always been based on the Julia Quinn versions of Queen Charlotte and King George more than the real people. 

That said, episode threads should not turn into history lessons.  A separate thread can be created for discussing the real people if there's an appetite for that discussion. 



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