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Greg -- CPK no longer good enough for him?

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I was going to post on the Living + thread or the End game thread because people are speculating about Greg possibly being the big winner at the end.  But Greg deserves his own thread.

Oh and CPK stands for California Pizza Kitchen.  Remember how much he was looking forward to CPK meal with his first paychecks from Waystar?  Instead he had to have some noodle soup from this sad little Chinese place to placate his grandfather Ewan.  Then the same night he had to resist Tom's exhortation to eat the Ortolan, because that's how rich people live.

Can't recall if Greg partook.  But even if he didn't, Greg may no longer be content with fast casual chain food any more.  He's gone from PR babe Comfrey to Roman's contessa to Arctic foxes, so his culinary tastes might also have shifted.

How has  Greg lasted this long?


Greg is much younger than the Roy children so they probably didn't play together that often, just occasional family gatherings.

So the Roy children don't dismiss him completely out of hand, though Roman kind of does and Shiv is rolling her eyes hard at him in this final season.

Kendall has been more tolerant of him, told him that he likes him -- he says that to everyone though -- but uses him to do some dirty work here and there like in this episode, unwittingly getting him to get a Deep Fake of Logan.

Greg takes the ribbing okay, like being told he was out of her league when he told them he was interested in Comfrey.  Or is that just that he's a savant at being a suck up?

The only person to whom Greg has tied his lot is Tom, who is now scrambling since Logan's passing.  But is it because he has some affection for Tom or that he had no other options?

If one of the Roy kids drew him close, would he dump Tom?

On the one hand, his naked ambition to suck up to power makes for some good comic moments but OTOH, he's not just about latching onto anyone who'd have him.

He turned down the $150 million from grandad Ewan by choosing instead to latch onto Logan and the Roys, whom Ewan disapproved of.

Either an incredibly brave or incredibly stupid decision.

Then being salty at Greenpeace, which may have gotten his inheritance, is epic.


People think Greg hasn't been as entertaining this season.  But it's not over yet, don't give up.

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Greg the motherfucking egg has had quite the transformation over the course of the series.

He expressed discomfort with some of the things which were going on at ATN and Waystar.  One suspects that he wasn't down with what was depicted in those documents when he saved some of them instead of shredding them all.

He objected to things like Tom using some subordinate as a human ottoman.

But in S04.E01 (Tailgate Party), he fires dozens of people all at once over Zoom, which allows him to cowardly cut the connection with those whom he has just fired.  It's an evolution of the way he handled the Kerry situation -- wanting to be anchor -- which was handed down from Logan to Tom and then to Greg.

He offers to fire Ebba as a way to ingratiate himself to Lukas, maybe being unaware or not caring that Lukas has been sexually harassing her.

He tells Lukas and Oskar that he doesn't necessarily feel great but HR thinks he's good at firing people and in the end it's just something you have to do, to get ahead.

Greg doesn't wear his politics on his sleeve and is probably not liberal like her.  But he isn't like Roman or Tom or Logan, all believers in what ATN does.  Hell Logan WAS ATN.

Yet he wanted to sue Greenpeace, if his grandfather, who abhorred Logan's politics and what he did with ATN, really did funnel his inheritance to GP.

He's team Ken-Ro now, with Roman joking in the previews that his team would line up Shiv's team to shoot them.

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