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Surgery for a Detached Retina: Post-Op Care

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I'm scheduled to have surgery for a detached retina next month.  I'm told that after the surgery I will need to stay face down for a minimum of 22 hours per day for five days to  up to two to four weeks.  Based on the research I've done so far, I've purchased a pillow for face-down sleeping, set up an MP3 player with audiobooks to help pass the time, bought loose-fitting shirts and pants that can be easily pulled on and off, and be switching from sneakers to slip-on shoes for the duration.

I was wondering if anyone had actual experience with the surgery and would be willing to provide information about the experience so I would have an idea of what to expect.

One issue I'm still trying to resolve is an instruction for someone to stay with me for th 24 hours following the surgery since I live alone.  I'm researching "short term post-op/surgery home care" but if anyone has any recommendations, I woyuld appreciate it.


Thanks in advance for any information provided.

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If you can do it, I would a recommend skilled nursing care facility, at least for the first few days. Someone needs to know what they are doing with your care. Will you be able to get up long enough to use the bathroom? How about cleanliness? Those can eat up those two hours fast.

Are you able to walk bent from the waist to keep your head in the correct position? Is it just the position or is it also any excessive movement?

Do you have like a foam mattress pad to prevent sores? Are there exercises you can do while face down? I was mostly bedridden for over a week with brief excursions to the commode. Your muscles get weak fast and I'm still having to do exercises as I'm not yet real mobile from my injury.

I wish you the best and that the surgery is successful.

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