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[BUG, FIXED] Highlighting pictures

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This is what happens if the screen is touched when scrolling or to make larger in another tab. You can’t get out of it unless refresh the page. It’s annoying since there are a lot of pictures in some of the threads I follow. It started happening immediately after the most recent update. I reported then in that thread, followed advice that work was being done on that list and just checking if it a correction will be made in April update when I saw “April update” in some of the questions in the bug thread.

iphone 11 updated safari ios

eta in this post if I touch the screenshot the whole screenshot is highlighted. If I hold when touching to make it larger that is also highlighted. Which is new, I used to be able to view larger not highlighted and then refresh to view the next picture.



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1 hour ago, SilverStormm said:

@stewedsquash are you still experiencing this problem?

I am not. Doing all the jinx things while responding so it doesn’t revert back to an issue. The fix was so smooth that I even forgot it was an issue👍until your mention.

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