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S02.07: The Burning of Judas

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Guillermo makes Allie an offer he can't refuse. Margot reconnects with Richard. Dina's mad as hell and she won't take it anymore. Isela shows leadership.

That was really something, Allie belittling Dina for wanting to go to college, maybe having a normal life.

Recall that in season 1, she had a phone he didn't know about, so that she could stay in touch with her friends, trying to have a normal life.

Allie mocks her for wanting to have a career and order a lot of useless plastic stuff for her apartment, going drinking with her friends.

Well it's her life.  If she wanted to live in the jungle, in third world conditions without electricity, controlled by a drug lord, she should be able to make that choice for herself.

Dina doesn't make those arguments, just tells him repeatedly "fuck you!"

So Allie's idea of paradise is dealing with drug lord Guillermo, who wants to screw over his sister Andrea, who want to develop a resort in the jungle, which would mess up his drug trafficking routes.

While Richard and Margot look at screwing up the construction of the resort some way.

Guillermo somehow knows about Allie's Sandpiper bird migration prediction algorithm and demands he use it to show where the cops will be.  OK, the science probably doesn't work like that but whatever.

While Allie is entering data for Guillermo, he comes across a document about the true Mosquito Coast, which is some beautiful, unspoiled stretch of coast, somewhere.

Are they fucking serious?  After almost 2 full seasons, now they're probably going to try to escape to The Mosquito Coast, probably as a cliffhanger to the season 2 finale?

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