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I binged on several episodes this afternoon and really enjoyed it.  While I found it a little distracting how they'd bounce back and forth among the celebrities (I'm used to Who Do You Think You Are's format), I appreciated the thoroughness, and variety of stories.  The one I was most disappointed by was Maggie Gyllenhall, who just seemed so over it all (perhaps my impression of her is skewed because I just finished being wowed by her in Honourable Woman) but she came off as bland and disinterested and distracted the entire time.  Every one else I watched (Bacon, Sedgwick, Downey, Gupta, Sykes, Legend, Rodriguez, Chavez, Grenier, Cho, Stewart) seemed genuinely tickled and thrilled by the stories that were uncovered.  I'm just about convinced to give that DNA testing a try myself!

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