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S01.E12: The Alchemist

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Uh boy. There has been a lot of questionable "science" in the show so far, but this one. Uh boy.

There is no way to change out somebodies DNA, as you don't know where they'll take the sample to test from. "Synthetic DNA" isn't even a thing. Maybe they mean Artificial Gene Synthesis, but that wouldn't change anything, you still have the same fundamental problem, that you just can't replace all the DNA. It especially doesn't make sense with the plane crash victims who were still alive. How do you replace their saliva and blood and hair, etc. And how do you replace their teeth, without giving them weeks to heal, without making it blatently obvious that work was done, on the first glance? This one is so far fetched, I wouldn't be surprised if Terminators were next. And this is supposed the good season? Uh boy.

Then the characters were stupid again, by apparently letting the killer in, disguised as a lawyer and then just let him walk out, with the witness dead on the floor. I guess the first part, fine, but there was no guard letting the "lawyer" out, who would have seen the dead guy lying on the floor? How exactly did that work?

Then it took them forever to figure out, that of course the alchemists wife and daughter weren't dead, when killing people and making them look like the people he wants to give a new identity to, is his whole thing. How are they this stupid?

Liz's argument with her husband I don't really understand. Why doesn't he take paternity leave? He seems to want the kid a lot more than she deos and he has the less well paying job, with less career options. Isn't it logical that he stays home with the baby? I should also mention that judgy friend at the party was spewing bullshit. Studies show that it's crucial for a child to have one constant attachment figure during the first 6 months of life. They don't say anything about a mother. It really doesn't matter if the attachment figure is a man, a woman or somebody in between. Babies don't care about gender.

I guess the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a spy who is trying to seduce Liz's hubby? That's a bit overdone, isn't it? Oh well...

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