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S03.E08: Magic Hour, part 2


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Yeah, like the first part but with only the Troubled sisters storyline.


I'd have dragged Nathan up the stairs for a little heart to heart during that party but since we were still in the last of the passive agressive mode...

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Watching Audrey attempting to torture someone into activating their Trouble was unsettling enough on first pass, but even more so now that we know this isn't her first rodeo.


This two-parter always makes me laugh a little about how this show is not like other shows. Usually when you've got a cliffhanger where a main character is apparently dead, it's a big question of how they're going to fix this (or go "no, he was actually fine this whole time"). Here, the second Nathan got shot the audience already knew how they were going to fix it, it's just a matter of finding the right person in time. And then they still managed to subvert that by killing Noelle.


I have mixed feelings about Moira's activation. I liked the concept of her trauma being the realization of her own cruelty rather than something someone else did to her, but it felt like it happened too fast at the end.

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I still feel like Moira got away too easily in this one. She was a criminal no different to the guy using those Troubled sketches to blackmail and kill people for money. Just because she saved Nathan's life she gets to walk away free? This is not the first time a troubled person has not been held responsible for their actions.


Liked the tense build up to troubling Moira, it was well done.


There have always been glimpses of a darker side to Audrey, the way she killed the Rev and the aftermath is an example. Yes the Rev was 'misguided" but her attitude after that was rather cold. I really wonder what the whole 'underneath she is always the same' means, now that we know about Mara.

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Yeah, Moira deserved straight-up "you freaking murdered a guy with intent and via conventional, provable means" criminal justice. But at this point in the series I kinda don't fault the characters for going "there are much more dangerous people and circumstances out there and we don't have the time to prosecute."

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While I thought part one was just okay, part 2 is one of my favorite episodes, even with Nathan spending most of it dead (I've wondered if writing the part that way was a cruel joke by the writers, since Lucas Bryant seems like a very fidgety perpetual motion machine, so an entire episode where he has to remain entirely motionless and is on screen for much of the time being dead must have been sheer torture). We knew Nathan would be revived, but since it seemed so obvious that he would be and we knew exactly how, I was pretty sure they'd save him either before the opening credits or maybe just before the first commercial break and then move on to hunting down Tommy. So it was a total shock when Noelle was killed early in the episode.


Then the whole thing with Moira ended up being wrenching. Claudia Black just kills it. You start out hating her, then end up feeling for her. Deliberately triggering a Trouble for what's a fairly selfish reason is one of the darker things Audrey has ever done, and I do wonder if that

was a bit of her inner Mara coming out

. Yeah, she's trying to save Nathan's life, but it doesn't seem like she's doing it for any grander reason than that she loves him. That's not a bad reason to save someone's life, but it's iffy on emotionally and physically torturing another person to do so.


I wonder if letting Moira go was Nathan's call. He was the police chief, and she did actually die saving his life, so arresting her would have been kind of tacky. I guess since she's still dead when she leaves town, that might not count as letting her go. You can't arrest a corpse. You could look at it as releasing the body to her sister. In a way, she did get the death penalty. It just probably didn't stick.

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