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[Suggestion, Answered]: template for info on new shows


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I come across shows that look interesting and don't know where to find them. Is it cable or streaming? Which streaming service, because there are many of them now. It's easy enough to find a show that I'm already watching, but there are many I'd like to watch if I knew where to watch.



You may find this a useful resource: Reelgood.com

The thread I quoted from got locked before I could add a comment, but could I make a suggestion that there could be some guideline for creating new show threads/forums that includes noting what network/streaming service it's available on?  And maybe that info could be added to the template for requesting a new show (and carried over to the new forum/thread)?

I know it's not perfect - the info on this site is basically crowdsourced by interested volunteers, and there's not a way to enforce it; availability can change over time; it doesn't help with the zillions of shows that are already out there... And the site SilverStormm mentioned is often (not always) helpful.  But if someone is requesting or starting a thread for a new show, they probably know how to watch it, so why not go ahead and share that information with the rest of us?

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If the OP wants to voluntarily include that information in the first post that's a-ok, however, it's not something we'll officially mandate. Re forums, anyone is welcome to post that info in an anticipation/media/similar topic if they wish to, again not something we'd set a precedent in doing officially. 

As you say things often change over time, availability broadcast rights, different channels in diff countries - it's a minefield of potential out of date and/or inaccurate information depending which country you are in. As a tv discussion site vs a tv guide, we don't want to take the responsibility for that on.

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I hear you - absolutely I'm not suggesting an official mandate.  I think we agree on the many reasons that wouldn't be practical.  I was just suggesting you might want to give posters a "nudge" to include that info, which would help keep eyes and clicks on your site, rather than going out to Reelgood or Google or IMDB or elsewhere.  Maybe just posting this here will help remind others about it.  Thanks for the platform.

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