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Real Forum Rules: Please Read

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Per site rules:

We do not allow any discussion of Politicians, Political bodies (Congress, Parliament) Political Movements or Political Parties, including jokes and asides, unless those entities are specifically mentioned on an episode of the show being discussed, or in editorial content about that episode. Even when this applies, they may be discussed ONLY in the context of the show. What does this mean for you?

No elaboration, speculation or using what was said as a springboard to voice your political thoughts generally.

Name-calling or nickname use aimed at politicians or political entities is no longer permitted - for example, President Cheeto, Lyin' Joe Biden, etc. (This applies only to political people and entities as stated above. As always, any non-political folks are fair game for nicknames.)

Discussion of 'Hot-Button Social Issues' is allowed [for the purposes of Primetimer these include but are not limited to; abortion, healthcare & gun rights], providing it relates to the episode being discussed or takes place in a Small Talk topic.

Also, while the US election is coming up, do not hold broad discussions about the election that go outside of the scope of the show discussion.  This includes speculation as to how persons in different states will vote. Note: Leaving this here for all upcoming elections.  Midterms exist! 

Do not discuss politician's supporters or make broad statements about entire political groups.  This leads to major crankiness from folks in those groups.  And we don't need major crankiness; Bill is cranky enough. 

The posting of a new episode thread is not carte blanche to start speculating on what will and will not be said.  Watch the show, then post about the discussions or rambling diatribes or whatever else happened on the show. Capice? Otherwise we go well off topic. 


Let's keep talk in the episode threads about the episodes.  If you do not watch the show and are not commenting on the specifics of what was covered in the episode, please post in the more general threads:  Bill Maher: The Man, the Myth, the Legend (In His Own Mind), Real Time with Bill Maher in the Media.

Any discussions not related to the show, should be in the Small Talk: Where Political Junkies Convene thread.

If you have any questions, please PM @AgentRXS

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Since there have been several contentious conversations in the threads recently, I would like to post this reminder so that everyone is on the same page:

Please be mindful of the site's civility rule in when it comes to posting. Tone matters. You are welcome to respectfully disagree with a fellow member's points but not with their their perspective. Please engage without ridiculing other members, including the misuse of the "LOL" reaction , for example, to scoff at a post. I have noticed this occurring quite frequently recently and it will not be tolerated going forward. Please report any suspected misuse and it will be dealt with accordingly.

As always, feel free to PM me, @AgentRXS with any questions! Thank you.

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