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We have a few things for you all to keep in mind here...


The Individual Participant threads for the "Teen Moms" (and partners, such as Gary) that will be on the merged show have been moved there. Participants that are no longer going to be filming, will still have threads, those will remain in their original forum. 

INCLUSION POLICY- criticism is fine, Posts containing slurs or insensitive language about a (real or fictional) person’s race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, capacities, age or body type will be removed and the member issued moderation measures, up to and including a ban.

Please remember that Primetimer has a strict Political Discussion policy.  In short, unless the show itself mentions politics, political discussion is not allowed.  Social media posts by the teen moms and the company they keep are not part of the show and sharing their political posts is not allowed here.

If there is a poster with whom you just don't see eye-to-eye, instead of sparring with them, consider ignoring them.  You can find a handy tutorial about how to use the ignore feature here.

While the moms have made their lives public, it is still against Primetimer policy to post personal information, such as home addresses.  This also includes links to site that publish this information (i.e. realtor sites). Don't Do It. 

All Primetimer policies can be found in this forum and the FAQ is a handy guide to everything you need to know.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the mod team for this forum.  We are all in different time zones, so it is recommended that you address your queries to all of us.


-  @Scarlett45 and @Texas Gal

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