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S03.E06: Real Estate


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This episode got me back watching the show. I had stopped for a while but then I watched this episode and actually saw the Colorado kid and Lucy and i thought wow I must have missed a lot, it has really moved along.


It was a good intense episode  liked it. Even the Trouble wasn't bad. Also proved what liars Vince and Dave are, yet again. They experienced that Trouble during Lucy's time but were so adamant in lying to Audrey in the season 3 opener about not knowing the relationship between Lucy and the CK. I really hope

Mara gives them hell

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I despised season 3 because A) I hated all three new characters, and B) Nathan was an asshole for the majority of the season, but "Real Estate" will always be known as the "really hot Nathan shooting episode" (Even though he was really douchey in all his scenes leading up to that).

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Despite my misgivings regarding the season as a whole, I like a lot of Season 3 episodes.


This is not one of the ones I like. Which is odd, because I remember having an approving opinion of it the first time around. Maybe I was just happy that we were getting some information.

A lot of why I don't like the season overall is tied into its ultimate inability to make me care about the Colorado Kid's identity, and the way he dropped off the face of the show entirely after the season ended. Not that I minded not having him around because the actor has the screen presence of crabgrass, but that's beside the point.

Wedges being driven further between our cast members is the exact opposite of what I hoped for going into an "everyone is trapped in a small space together" episode, and the stuff Roland was doing with the intercoms was just contrived. Which means I did appreciate Audrey's refusal to be drawn into it. And on a more superficial note, if you're going to go to all the trouble of having a Halloween episode, especially on a show where the timeline matters and it's yet one more fixed point for you to screw everything up around, then for God's sake dress your main characters up.


Now that she's starting to come into the spotlight, I'll start really talking about Jordan. I don't like her, but I appreciate her. She has value as a character beyond "now it's Nathan's turn to have an unsuitable love interest," and aside from the "instant backstory, just add rape" crap the writing and acting really sold me on her as a person rather than a plot device/obstacle.

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